Age Divisions

Age groups in traditional archery are not as important as in other sports. But nevertheless, they must be defined for equal opportunities as rules. Exceptions are also regularized. At tournaments under the patronage of T.A.I. or that of T.A.I. be carried out, the age groups are divided as follows:

The reference date is the date of birth and the date of the first day of the competition.

On the first day of the competition the number in the table shows the age of the participants in the respective class.

Example: The number 18 indicates that the starter is 18 years old. He is from the day of his 18th birthday until one day before his 19th birthday. If the first day of the tournament is on his birthday, he may already start in the higher class.


Kids: 8-11 together
Juveniles: 12-15 male/female
Juniors: 16-17 male/female
Adults: 18-55 male/female
Seniors: 56-56+ male/female

Children under 8 are subject to extreme periods of growth. T.A.I. does not support any health risks.